Gitlab CI: Lessons learned so far

Since day one, 9fin has been on the Gitlab platform. Over time, we've built a workflow that helps our engineers ship product faster than ever before. I've got my DevOps hat on today and so I would like to share with you the evolution of our continuous integration pipeline and the little quick wins you can make in terms of speed and cost.

Never Miss a Beat: Centralised Logging for your AWS Lambda Functions with Elastic Cloud

Let’s dive straight in! If you are here, you likely are the unlucky lucky owner of an ever growing fleet of Lambda functions. What started off as just 1-2 functions for minor housekeeping jobs, has become a sizable operation. With the ease in creating new functions, thanks to frameworks and projects such as serverless , you’ve now come to realise you need a better way to keep an “ eye of Sauron ” over what’s going on….

Disappearing Development: DIY Review Apps With AWS Fargate and GitLab

First we begin, as is traditional for Review Apps it seems, with some acknowledgments. Review Apps are definitely not a new concept. This post is inspired by GitLab’s implementation, which was in turn inspired by Heroku and before that Fourchette by Rainforest QA. I look forward to the next citation in the chain :) What Are Review Apps? You can click on any of the links above to go deep into what Review Apps mean to all those different organisations.

The Merge Lock: Refactoring our SDLC at 9fin

By the time this post goes live, I should be getting ready to speak at the inaugural GitLab Commit Conference . My talk is about how as a young startup, the way we deliver our technology products have changed and evolved. My talk abstract is below: Sat in the kitchen, my co-founder and I freshly just having quit our jobs, we were at work on the MVP of what would become 9fin.

SQLpy at PyLondinium 2018

We continue the SQLpy tour (of not very far) to the inaugural PyLondinium conference. A brand new Python conference held in London, at the stunning new Bloomberg HQ building. It was a really great event, and my first tech conference too! I even met the maintainer of Psycopg2 …this is a big deal in my world. My talk is below. Slides at speakerdeck here .

SQLpy at the PostgreSQL London Meetup

A couple weeks back I spoke at the PostgreSQL London meetup (slides below), hosted at the Deliveroo offices in London. There were a load of other great talks in the night, and it’s always good to catchup with other PostgreSQL users in London. Next up, Huss, CTO of @9finHQ on SQLpy and bringing your SQL queries closer to your application later — DeliverooEng (@DeliverooEng) February 1, 2018 Here are the slides from my talk on SQLpy.

SQLpy 0.2.0 is here!

SQLpy is open source!…well it’s been open source since about September 2017, but more on that in a bit. I really like SQL, and I am a very big fan of PostgreSQL . Just how much of a fan, and the reasons why are probably the topic of a very long after work chat! As for SQL, spending over 4 years within a huge financial enterprise IT role, you use it a lot.

Applied AI Meetup: the long history of technology in financial markets

I recently got the chance to present at the AppliedAIMeetup here in London. Was a packed house and a great event. Thanks to the organisers for putting on a great evening. Link to the video is below. .@HUSSTECH from @9finHQ talking about the power of AI to revolutionise 100 y old bond markets #AppliedAI @CampusLondon — Ravelin (@ravelinhq) January 10, 2018 Below is a copy of my credits and references slide for those interested.

On Cloud 9fin: A visit from AWS

There will be puns, I make no apologies. So as with many newly formed technology service companies 9fin runs predominantly on the public cloud. Back when it was just two of us in a house in London, cloud hosting was the only option we had. We started out on AWS, but now we are across multiple providers. I remember that I set aside a day to “learn Docker” about a month into starting, purely so I could avoid having to figure out anything that was different between my laptop and AWS.