Gitlab CI: Lessons learned so far

Since day one, 9fin has been on the Gitlab platform. Over time, we've built a workflow that helps our engineers ship product faster than ever before. I've got my DevOps hat on today and so I would like to share with you the evolution of our continuous integration pipeline and the little quick wins you can make in terms of speed and cost.

Disappearing Development: DIY Review Apps With AWS Fargate and GitLab

First we begin, as is traditional for Review Apps it seems, with some acknowledgments. Review Apps are definitely not a new concept. This post is inspired by GitLab’s implementation, which was in turn inspired by Heroku and before that Fourchette by Rainforest QA. I look forward to the next citation in the chain :) What Are Review Apps? You can click on any of the links above to go deep into what Review Apps mean to all those different organisations.

On Cloud 9fin: A visit from AWS

There will be puns, I make no apologies. So as with many newly formed technology service companies 9fin runs predominantly on the public cloud. Back when it was just two of us in a house in London, cloud hosting was the only option we had. We started out on AWS, but now we are across multiple providers. I remember that I set aside a day to “learn Docker” about a month into starting, purely so I could avoid having to figure out anything that was different between my laptop and AWS.